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Writing about cults, conspiracies, subcultures, and the highly strange.

MJ Banias is an author and journalist whose work has appeared in The Globe and Mail, Popular Mechanics, and VICE. He is the author of "The UFO People: A Curious Culture," and he has been interviewed by the BBC, Cheddar, Coast to Coast AM, ABC, The CW, and many other respected podcasts and radio programs. He appeared on The CW's "Mysteries Decoded." His work has also been featured in Fortean Times, Mysterious Universe, FATE Magazine, and in a book entitled UFOs: Reframing the Debate.

MJ has also done consultation and research production work on documentary projects for VICELAND and VICE Studios.

He lives in Canada with his wife, three children, and a massive cat.

Opinion: The United States deems UFOs a national security threat. Why is Canada not taking it as seriously?

The recently released 2019 Canadian UFO Survey indicates Canadians see about two or three unidentified flying objects a day, and while many will laugh UFOs off as being a silly fringe delusion, several sighting events reported to Transport Canada present in the 2019 survey, such as those outlined above, involve pilots coming into close proximity with unknown aerial objects, and indicate a clear risk to air safety. While the U.S. government is actively investigating UFO reports and Congress is calling for more public oversight on unknown aerial incursions, the Canadian government seems to be doing nothing.

UFO Conspiracy Theorists Offer 'Ascension' From Our Hell World for $333

Standing in his warmly-lit living room, the popular UFO conspiracy theorist David Wilcock was telling his YouTube Live audience that the "Illuminati Deep State" was responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic and that he knew the secrets of how to save humanity from the crisis. More than 20,000 people were watching; hundreds of dollars in donations began rolling in via YouTube Superchat. The video now has more than a million views.

50 Years Ago, the Air Force Tried to Make UFOs Go Away. It Didn't Work.

Fifty years ago today, the U.S. Air Force announced the closing of its most famous UFO investigation program, Project Blue Book. While the government’s goal was to “make UFOs go away,” it forced a community to take matters into its own hands. And it worked: If the events of this year alone are any indication, UFOs remain as hot of a topic in the general conscience than ever. But we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Blue Book.

Inside Skinwalker Ranch, a Paranormal Hotbed of UFO Research

The long red mesas of Utah’s Uintah Basin greet us as my driver, an American real estate mogul and tech investor, pulls us into Fort Duchesne. Looking out my window, we are finally out of the mountains and in the valley. My mind is lost in thought about the legends here, the supposed curse that now haunts this land, and the men and women who have experienced that curse head on. I have monsters on my mind. Well, actually just one: the Skinwalker.

23 Years Later, the Phoenix Lights Are Still Unexplained

23 years ago today, the people of Arizona witnessed one of the most infamous UFO incidents in history. A new documentary series by filmmaker Seth Breedlove takes an in depth look into the so-called “Phoenix Lights.” On the Trail of UFOs doesn’t try to prove that the incident was aliens or flares, but instead expertly explores the cultural ramifications of the event on the UFO community. “As an event, the Phoenix Lights is important simply because it gained so much media attention, was witnesse

US Army Refuses to Release Records About Tom DeLonge's UFO Organization

The U.S. Army refused to release any records about its deal with Tom DeLonge’s UFO-hunting group To the Stars Academy (TTSA). In October of 2019, the former Blink-182 frontman’s UFO organization joined forces with the US Army’s Combat Capabilities Development Command, a research and development body. According to the contract, the government is interested in studying some pretty exotic science such as active camouflage, inertial mass reduction, and quantum communication. In particular, the gove
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