A small collection of my published work.

Bio-markers, Brain Structures and Embracing the Strange

With the recent release of articles by James Iandoli and Twitter user @Jay09784691, and hosted by Danny Silva and myself, we see an interesting connection between materialist biology and science, and the mystical non-physical world of esoteric metaphysics. The work being done by Dr. Garry Nolan of Stanford University and Dr. Christopher ‘Kit’ Green, a medical doctor, create a symbiosis between the real and the ‘unreal,’ between the natural and the super-natural.

Could The Universe Be Awake?

In response to the Fermi Paradox, Caleb Scharf, an astrophysicist at Columbia University, has explored the possibility that humanity has yet to find otherworldly intelligent life out in the cosmos due to the fact that the alien intelligence may be the cosmos itself. Tie that in with a groundbreaking new research project suggesting that the human mind, consciousness itself, can influence the physical world, is it possible that all that spooky universe out there is conscious, and awake?

The UFO Community; A Counter-Cultural Movement - Part 1

While one could easily write out a laundry list of important ‘moments’ within Ufological history, none of those events “are” the subculture’s identity. Rather, it is the collection of moments, their interpretation as well as the broader themes which ran through the popular culture of the day. The UFO subculture is not made up of one thing, but a whole host of things.

NORAD Investigates UFOs, according to 'Declassified' Memos

In a series of recently declassified memos and operations manuals, an interesting dichotomy has emerged. The North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) seems to have been caught in a lie. Publicly and officially, NORAD does not investigate or have any interest in the UFO phenomenon. Yet, in a collection of documents unearthed by researcher Paul Dean, the top-secret reality is very different; NORAD’s collection of UFO data is thorough and goes directly to their top brass.

The Legend of Nes Cemetary

On the western coast of Lake Winnipeg runs a small river, and upon one side of that river sits a small cemetery, hidden by miles of marshland and never visited. The graves are no longer marked. The house that once sat there is nothing but a ruined stone foundation. The sign, blue and white, bearing the words “Nes Cemetary” has no company but an old white stone angel. Well that, and the seemingly active denizens of that graveyard who, at night, attempt to drag the living into the marshy depths.

Why UFO Mogul Tom DeLonge Should Be Careful

I want to begin by simply saying that this article is not about Tom DeLonge. Ok. Maybe a bit. It is more “around” him than “about” him. The man has taken significant abuse as of late. He has been the topic of much discussion over the last year or so within the UFO community concerning his “Sekret Machines” project. Some are calling him one of the most important contributors to modern Ufology, some calling him a charlatan and a fraud, while others yet consider him a victim of a conspiratorial disinformation plot.

The Impact of Wikileaks on UFOs

UFO discourse is shrouded in mystery, intrigue, and a large dose of eccentricity. Mainstream media typically refuses to engage with the UFO topic, so UFO researchers and enthusiasts are generally left to congregate in the dark corners of the internet looking for scraps of reliable information to add to their repertoire. It should come as no surprise that when a massive collection of UFO related information emerges from Wikileaks, the UFO crowd begins to frenzy.
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